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The Rozanski's are a large and exuberant family. Anyone who's met us knows that we love everything we do!

Chuck and Nanette are not only the owners of Jay Hill Farm, but Mile High Comics, a back-issue mail order comic book company.

Chuck was born in 1955 in Goldbach, Germany and moved to the U.S. when he was a small boy. Prior to moving to America, he lived with his grandparents on a farm outside of Goldbach where his love of green and growing things began.

Nanette is the only daughter of Willis and Mary Furman and was raised on a ranch outside of Alliance, Nebraska. After leaving Nebraska she attended Colorado College for her B.A. and then received her graduate degree at D.U. She was a Fulbright Scholar and did her studies in Vienna, Austria.

Chuck and Nanette have four daughters, Rowan, Aleta, Tanith and Elsbeth.

All of the girls were raised to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and to understand the detrimental effect that pesticides can have not only on the human populace of the world but that of the many critters as well.

While all of the girls can proudly say that they know a mallow from a pigweed, they can also tell you the many benefits of lady bugs and catnip oil. While the three youngest have left the nest, they continue to fight the good fight for our planet and it's many wonderful plants and creatures.

Rowan has her degree in History from Colorado State University. While she had always planned to continue working the tech field that she loves, in 2005 the falling economy led her home, where she learned that she's quite content to be a farmer and leave the tech work and cubicle life to someone else.

After finishing her Masters studies in History at the University of York, Aleta returned to the States to work at a documentary film company in Los Angeles. When her fiance Wes was offered an opportunity to participate in a Fellowship in Amiens, France, she followed him and worked on her French. She has now returned to Los Angeles and has just been hired at another film company to work on historical documentaries. You can see her IMDB bio by clicking here.

Tanith is currently living back at the farm and finishing up her Doctorate in medieval Literature with a focus on Piers Plowman.

Elsbeth has completed her studies in Portuguese and Spanish at the University of Colorado and has moved to L.A. where she is translating Portuguese documents and working in a bakery.

We are all so very proud of them!



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Blue Jay photo courtesy of Bill Schmoker Photography