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April 2, 2010 Newsletter

Hi Guys!

It seems like I'm timing these emails around holidays lately... somebody please let me know when I should send my next one. Your niece's Bat Mitzvah might work...

There's a lot of news here on the farm, so please bear with me! First and foremost, this Sunday is Easter. As some of you "old school kids" know, I'm not going to be picking a darn thing on Easter, so get your orders in tomorrow, or wait until Monday, 'cause this girl's gonna be hunting some eggs!

But seriously, Easter is a full contact holiday, there's only so many eggs, and my sister is going DOWN this year!

I'll see you Monday, hopefully less battered than Elsbeth.

Second only to Easter, we'd like to let you know that after 23 years, we won't be attending the Boulder County Farmer's Market this year. Pick your jaw up off the floor please... I'll explain!

There are several reasons for this decision, not the least of which is that my poor mother has been hauling herself down to market every Saturday of the summer for 23 years. I did the math, that's 500 days of her life that were spent at the Saturday market (1.36 years of 63 were spent at market???).

I would like her to know what sleeping in on a July Saturday feels like. :)

We're also doing this because it was becoming apparent that our market attendance was leading to a lot of waste.

I would rather not take 30 bunches of chard to market, sell 10 and have to feed everything else to the chickens. This will also minimize the labor of selling our produce, thereby giving me 2 extra days a week in which I can farm instead of being at the market.

That being said, we're not leaving you in the lurch! We've decided to open up our "Pumpkin Stand" during the whole season!

We'll be open Fridays and Saturdays until November, starting Friday April 16.

I will be able to pick 5 bunches of chard, and if we run out, I'll pick more... 'cause I can walk 300 feet and do that. With my feet! *yay!*

We'll see how this goes this year, but please, tell your friends, your enemies, your sister's uncle's cat!

Projected hours: (we'll see whether these work, now won't we?) *muhahahaha!* Friday 12-6 Saturday 9-5

I hope to see your smiling faces and finally have time to chat with some of you!

Anywho, that's the most exciting news at the moment, besides the fact that we've got Easter Egg radishes, right on time for the season! Check 'em out at the ordering section of the web site... I've got pictures!

I'll be e-mailing more frequently now that the spring weather seems to be settling in. I'll let you know when we have all the good seasonal stuff coming on... rhubarb, asparagus, green garlic, oh my!(I'm estimating 4-5 weeks)



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