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September 16, 2010 Newsletter

Ack! Ack! Ack!

Wow, this has been one frenetic, crazy season for us here at Jay Hill Farm!

After a super-cold spring, we've had the lovely days and warm nights that all farmers dream of, but with 4 less weeks in the growing season, it's been a daily challenge to catch up on all the jobs we couldn't get done in April.

Follow that up with our first light frost of the season coming on Labor Day weekend, we're looking at one of the shortest seasons in memory.

While the frost did a little (thankfully, recoverable from) damage to the squash and tomato plants, we're still going strong with the best summer can offer here in Colorado!

Our smaller tomatoes are going gang-busters! We've got red and gold cherry tomatoes, beautiful smaller plum tomatoes and smallish, but yummy heirlooms. We're still waiting on the San Marzano paste tomatoes and our large slicing tomatoes, but they're catching up quick with this Indian Summer we're experiencing.

We also still have basil (get it now if you want to put away pesto for the season!!!), zucchini, patty pans, tomatillos, hot peppers, and sweet peppers.

The salad mix is back on track and available, no more "no's" from me!

We're also harvesting pears (Oh. My. God. Yummy!), the start of our winter squash, and pie pumpkins. Summer and fall, all wrapped into one!

That's the exciting news for the day.

On some more mundane notes, we're going to have to raise the price on eggs to $5.00 a dozen. While they have always been a "loss leader" for us, I did the math last night and we're losing a lot more on them than I had anticipated. Sorry!

On that note, I'll sign off, but please anticipate another e-mail in the near future when great things like peaches and plums finally reach fruition... pun intended!



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Blue Jay photo courtesy of Bill Schmoker Photography