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June 16, 2010 Newsletter

Hi All!

I hope y'all survived the torrential downpour this weekend.

I have to say, as much as it slowed me down, thank goodness! I've got at least 3 days before I have to worry about watering anything again. *whew!*

As many of you are aware, the severe cold this spring, followed by a long, hot, dry spell has caused a great deal of trouble here on the farm. It's hard to put plants in the ground when it's 90+ degrees, they REALLY don't like it.

That being said, we're way behind schedule, so please cross your fingers with us that the plants settle in fast, so we can get to the yummy summer crops!

Speaking of yummy crops, the garlic scapes are on! for those of you who aren't familiar, scapes are the curly top a garlic puts up when it's about ready to be harvested. They're spicy, and pretty and all around fun, but they're only available for the next week, maybe two. It's quite possibly the shortest season crop we grow here on the farm!

After we've harvested the scapes, we'll have a week to breathe before we harvest the garlic itself! I know many of you are excited to be able to get it again, as are we. It looks to be a bumper crop, so hopefully we can keep you all happy through the fall at the least.

We're also looking forward to June 24th, when our good friends at Restaurant 4580 will be hosting their second farm dinner for this season, featuring our rhubarb!

Make sure to make your reservations for dinner, it's filling fast.

Also, we're going to try out a new promotion; anyone who attends the farm dinner will get a $5 coupon for our farm stand. "Why just the stand?" you ask... So we can see your smiling faces of course!

Speaking of the stand, I keep meaning to repeat that the hours are: Friday: 12-6 Saturday: 9-5 BUT ONLY IN GOOD WEATHER! *eep!* I was NOT going to have Mom sit down there Saturday. *blech!*

Keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks, good stuff is coming, but I don't want to harass you with constant e-mails, so I leave it up to you to watch for awesomeness!



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